Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Addicted2Fiction - Zero In

Well another trip to the local record store gives up to another interesting find. The band: Addicted2Fiction. The Label: Heartcore Records (with a name like that, its got to be Jif.). The Year: 2003. The Result: A awkward mess.

After much debate and 3 seperate opinions (two gals in the store and the clerk), this was my pick. It looks goofy and a little sweet at first glance, with what i think is the band members superimposed many times in goofy military suits. Come to think of it, they look a bit like nazis, but loveable nazis. Upon opening of this case, i see the band members names, Aisha and Hellskiss. I'm not sure the correct capitalization of Hellskiss, but A+ for complete idiocy. Lets take a look at these kids.

Awww, Crow makeup, that brings me back. Oh the savage beatings i would dish out to all who dressed like a sad clown.

As track 1 unfolds, it all suddenly becomes clear what these gals deal is. Really goofy, vaugely deathrockish electropunk. Overdramatic vocals from Aisha, with spastic programming and shloprock guitar from hell(s). Have i been magically transported to the gayest future conceivable Where crow makeup and regurgitated 69 Eyes via drum machines rules with an iron fist? Well beam me up and give me a plastic vest, im in.

Sean's history lesson #1: There was 24 minutes in 2003 that LA hipsters fell in love with deathrock. Is this for ironys sake? For hometown pride sake? Oh god, who cares. Something about is deeply wrong. The wise and prolific Offspring once said "ya gotta keep em' seperated", please hipsters, listen to offspring. LA Hipsters need to stick to what they know,Slanted And Enchanted haircuts, Fader magazine, Coke, and still being terrified of black people.

I have now made my way to track 5, and i am figuring out they make these verses longer and longer everytime. How could they do this to me? I'm not a bad person, i don't hurt anyone, i like most people. Why?

Addicted2Fiction wants to write songs to freak out the squares, and apparently, their moms. And god bless them for trying.


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Whoa! Looks like tons of people are just DYING to read your crappy blog! Oh yeah, and spell check next time, asshole.

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